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Hello there. Sorry it’s all been rather quiet on the thatandywhiteblog front recently but, aside from being a bit busy lately, there is a really good reason. And here it is. For weeks now I’ve been wanting to write a post about some really brilliant copywriting I’ve read in the press, seen on TV or heard on the radio. Preferably something mainstream that just about everybody gets to see on a daily basis. It’s always easy to criticise all the rubbish that’s out there so I wanted to leave behind all the negative stuff and write something positive about some real quality writing. Writing that rises above the dross and stands as an example of the copywriter’s craft.

The problem is I can’t find any. Now I must apologise for using such an obvious example as the Volkswagen “Lemon” ad. There’s a reason for that too. I wanted to use the great ” If the welding isn’t strong enough the car will fall on the writer”  Volvo ad that  David Abbott wrote back in the 70s but I can’t find it on the net. Funny that. You can find loads of design and art direction stuff on the net, not much copywriting. Not only that, it’s a bit sad that, in order to find some really great words, I’m going that far back.  So, sorry it’s not a very amusing post today, even sorrier that I can’t find some brilliant copy to dazzle us all with.

I’ll go and carry on looking, if you find some please let me know. I’m beginning to give up hope.

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