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Jingle bollocks.

September 19th, 2011 // 4:20 pm @ // 5 Comments

Hello there. Been a long time, blah blah blah, busy blah, work, blah blah. Anyway. Shall we get down to business? ‘And what business might that be, Andy?’, I hear no-one at all ask, as everybody knows I’m just going to start taking cheap shots at the latest ad to irritate my jaded Manchester copywriter‘s palate. Yes, it’s same old, same old on thatandywhiteblog. I don’t like to rock the boat, me.

Today’s vastly aggravating ad is the latest from Sure. I’m fairly certain it was on a while ago but it suddenly vanished while I was still seething, rendering me unable to stick it on here. Now, however, it’s back. I neither know nor care why but it’s still bloody awful. Here, see for yourself.

Now what in all the name of everything holy is all that about then? “We attached bells to a selection of what appear to be normal, human, grown up women to make them aware of the fact that they tend to move about a bit.” Presumably, up until this point, these women have been in a state of perpetual bewilderment at their place in this world. Picture the poor creatures, ” What the? Just a moment ago I was in the lounge, on the sofa, watching television. Now I find myself in the kitchen, holding a kettle. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? WHAT GIVES?” Or, “What in the blazes is going on? How did I get onto this bicycle / Tennis court / Bus? My last memory is of washing my hair. WHAT MANNER OF WITCHCRAFT IS THIS?” Thankfully these new, motion sensing devices will alert the little poppets to the myriad things that may happen ‘twixt sofa and kettle, bathroom and bus. So, well done, Sure.

And not patronising at all. No siree bob.


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