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Hello there. Everyone had a nice Easter? Yes? Good. Me too. However, amidst all the chocolate bunnies, easter eggs and fluffy chicks, I’ve been deeply disturbed by a new development in the world of the chocolatier, ( they’re like cavaliers but with flakes and curlywurlys  rather than swords ).  And that development is  chocolate beer. Yes, that’s right, beer with chocolate in it. To be honest, I don’t think it’s  entirely new but it’s pretty new to me and what’s more Marks & Spencer, in conjunction with Robinson’s Brewery of Stockport, are now selling it in a Supermarket near you.

Anyway, the point is this. Hot on the heels of alcopops we now have alcochocs. What chance is there for the youth of today? Back in my school days it took a great deal of determination to slide into early alcoholism, as everything alcoholic tasted frankly awful. Maybe you could manage Woodpecker cider if you gritted your teeth a bit but getting properly drunk was a terrible ordeal and a fully fledged, bona fide, rite of passage. ( In fact several dark passages. Usually next to the park ). Nowadays, kids can get absolutely mortal in a full range of child-friendly flavours.

I’m not knocking it exactly. I just think they’ve got it far, far too easy.

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