All in all.

All in all.

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Hello there. Well, it’s been a funny old week or so since the last thatandywhiteblog hasn’t it? England not getting the World Cup, ( dirty rotten lying bastards ), the government making cuts on University education, ( dirty rotten lying bastards ), Ireland’s economy imploding, rioting in the streets and I nearly bought a ‘Cossack’ hat. All deeply disturbing stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Actually some of that student riots thing has been a bit of an eye-opener. Obviously, as a mere Manchester copywriter, I’m not going to get into the politics of the situation, ( first rule of light-hearted blogging – no politics ), the allegedĀ  police brutality, ( first rule of everything, ever – don’t allege police brutality ), or the rumours of infiltration of the riots by persons unconnected to the students and with their own agendas.

What’s really interested me is the selfless way in which the sons of Rock Stars have thrown themselves into all kinds of frays on our behalf. First we had Bryan Ferry’s lad storming the House Of Commons to save us common folk from being saved from fox-hunting, ( understandable really considering the swathes of fur Roxy Music and their assembled sirens have reclined on over the years. Next Bryan will be telling us that Nazis are cool. What? Seriously? Oh well, what price style eh? ), now we have the fruit of Dave Gilmour’s loins*, swinging gaily from the Cenotaph in order to bring our attention to something or other, ( please insert your own ‘another prick on the wall’ type gag here ). ‘Who next?, we have to wonder. Shakin’ Stevens’ first born manchild protesting tax-avoidance outside Top Shop? Dweezil Zappa bearing arms in protest at the potential colonization of Neptune? It could happen.

In essence though, I do have to admire those students who’ve gone out there to peacefully protest the cuts. Largely because, in my days of studenthood, I don’t recall any of us getting that excited about anything at all, ever. Although, in my defence, I did do my degree in Wolverhampton where it’s fairly difficult to become unduly aroused about anything at all, ever. I mean, you could paint big banners and everything but start shouting the odds in a Wolves accent and it all kind of goes slightly awry. Never has an accent been better suited to apathy. Try it. Go on, start shouting ‘Black and White, unite and fight!’ or something, in the manner of Benny from ‘Crossroads‘.

I rest my case.

*( actually he’s not, strictly speaking, the fruit of Dave’s loins, he’s his stepson but fruit of his loins sounds miles better. Sorry Dave. )

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