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Hello there. Today I got my first look at the winners of this year’s Chip Shop awards. For any of you who aren’t familiar with these awards, they’re meant to be presented for “creativity without limits”. Honest. It says so on the logo and everything. The idea is that us “creatives” fool around, have a bit of a laugh and create some work that would probably never see the light of day for all the reasons we generally use as excuses for work not seeing the light of day. “The client isn’t brave enough”, “It’s too clever/daring/risqué/provocative/cutting edge to get through”, etc., etc.

Some years you get to see some really funny/interesting/ daft stuff and we can all congratulate ourselves on what a clever bunch we truly are. This year however, it all seems to have gone a bit chips up. I’ve looked through all of the winners and haven’t cracked a smile, let alone dropped my chips in amazement. Saatchi’s have presented a “cowboys and indians” gag that first failed to register on my personal laughometer about 25 years ago for god’s sake. The rest seem to be a collection of ideas that could’ve been pulled out of any student’s bag at any time in the 25 years since. Not that there’s anything wrong with students’ gags. I fell about laughing at several of them when I was a student.

The point is though that this stuff is meant to represent the ad industry at it’s best, its creatives unfettered by commercial constraints and considerations.

And if that really is the case, it looks like we’ve all had our chips.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it, click here and take a look for yourself. If you think I’m mistaken, please comment.

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