bland date.

bland date.

April 1st, 2010 // 8:12 pm @ // No Comments yet

Hello there. Recently I’ve been taking a close look at all this social networking stuff and decided that, while it’s all good and doubtlessly the way of the future, I may be missing out on real life a little. To that end, I’ve decided to throw myself into the world of “dating”. You know, that whole “boy meets girl, girl meets boy, girl and boy go out together, fall in love, get married, fall into mutual contempt, attempt to meet new and different boy/girl” thing. Naturally I’ve been seeking out the best ways to do it, via the best source of information there is. Ads on the telly.

Head and shoulders above the rest stands the ad. You must have seen it, boy and girl enter music shop, spontaneously burst into song, discover they are peas in a pod, love ensues.

Perfect eh?  So I gave it a go in Johnny Roadhouse last week and it turns out it’s complete bollocks.

Sing that you like snuff movies, have a keen interest in taxidermy, that you do, in fact, wear make-up at weekends and that you suffer from stress related incontinence and see where that gets you.

Nowhere. That’s bloody where.

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