blog will eat itself…

blog will eat itself…

January 22nd, 2010 // 12:59 pm @ // 2 Comments

The first item on today’s blog is today’s blog. What am I doing with it? Where’s it going? And why? I’m getting loads of advice from all quarters regarding its design or lack thereof. Unfortunately all roads seem to point towards me doing something about it and therein lies the problem. I’m crap at all this stuff. Apparently I don’t have to stick to the rigid constraints of this template, there are all kinds of things I can do with it. I can change the fonts, alter the layout, add more pictures, even insert videos and things. Actually, I’m doing alright with that – pictures and stuff. It’s changing the fonts that’s a worry. There’s so much commitment involved. Every touch of the keyboard is potentially catastrophic. One wrong move and the entire blog vanishes into the ether. Well, it doesn’t really. It just kind of vanishes to somewhere on the computer that I have no knowledge of and no way of locating. I’ve actually written some terrific stuff over the past couple of days. If I could show it to you, you’d love it. Honestly, it’s really, really good. So good in fact, that I thought it deserved a really beautiful font to set it off. So that’s what I did. I went in and changed the font, saved it, added pictures, threw in a few amusing links and pressed a key. So there it is. If you can find it, you can have it.

And News just in! My splendid ” Modern Willow Pattern” mugs arrived from LOVE today. It’s so exciting that I’ve decided to publish a photo of me drinking from one. I’m using the “cattle/methane/aeroplane = air pollution” themed mug today. Although I may go for the “two pandas shagging” one later just to cheer myself up a bit.  

Thanks to everyone at LOVE for making each and every brew a very special one.

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2 Comments → “blog will eat itself…”

  1. Lisa Cunningham

    12 years ago

    Hi, Andy! I wish I knew WordPress so I could help you. I’m on because I’m also an idiot when it comes to HTML. It’s only $10 a month. You might check it out. Also, are you on Twitter? I’d love to connect with you there. You can also ask peeps tech questions on Twitter.

  2. andy

    12 years ago

    Thanks Lisa. I’m not Tweeting yet but I think it’s time I started. When I do, I’ll look out for you. Cheers.

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