Call me Al.

Call me Al.

May 9th, 2010 // 2:54 pm @ // One Comment

Hello there. This week, because I’m a Manchester copywriter and thus independent, northern and creative, I got an invitation from TheIndependent Northern Creatives to a special showing of the film “Typeface”. Naturally I got pretty excited about it as it’s ages since I’ve seen that movie and I really like it. I love all those Miami settings, the cool cars, the guns, the drug deals, Michelle Pfeiffer is stunning in it and that chainsaw in the shower scene is an all time classic isn’t it? Anyway, I made a few calls to see who else was going only to find out that I’d got it all wrong.  I was thinking of “Scarface“. It turns out “Typeface” is all about a print factory turned museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

Apparently the museum is “significant to the town’s history, but more importantly,  its existence is critical to the worldwide design community who are passionate about the history of their craft and its function in the contemporary field. They believe the future of their industry may lie in the past.”

( Tickets cost £10 and are available through the INC website
FREE to members. )

I suppose that all sounds pretty good and it’s an admirable thing that these people are doing. But I can’t help thinking that the film would be miles better if they got Al Pacino in it, chewing the scenery with his face all covered in charlie, waving some big mad guns around.

All together now, ” Shay Hallo to my leedle font… “

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  1. Rock The Boat

    12 years ago

    GET SOME!!!

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