chip, shop.

chip, shop.

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Hello there you.  If you’ve been reading this blog regularly you’ll know that I’ve been mentioning technology quite a lot lately. It’s hard not to, as with each day it takes on a greater role in our lives.

Today, for example I’m working on a job for a new client that involves credit cards, microchips, “over the air” functionality and all manner of crazy hi-tech stuff. The latest thing, ( and I realise this may well be old news to you hip, swinging cyberpunks out there ), is that “over the air” malarkey. It’s already big news in some Asian markets and the basic gist of it is this. In the very near future we won’t really need all the credit cards we have now, ( of course a great many people will still want them. Nothing says so much about you as slapping your Amex Centurion card on the marble effect bar and saying “keep ’em coming”.), we’ll be carrying out all our transactions with our mobile phones.

All our bank details, our creditworthiness, our medical records and possibly even sexual preferences will be stored in a teeny weeny chip inside our phone. We wont even need to key in any old-fashioned PIN numbers, ( and there’s a funny thing, PIN stands for “Personal Information Number”. so every time you get asked for your PIN number you’re being asked for your personal information number number ), We’ll simply choose an item to buy, wave our phones at a compatible Pay point and the sale will be made. Which of course gives an old technophobe like me great cause for concern. What happens if I’m taking a short cut through the lingerie department of Debenhams, ( it could happen ), and I inadvertently switch my phone on as I brush past a rack of brief ‘n’ bra combos? Next thing I know, I could have a selection of ladies’ undergarments delivered to my home causing no end of consternation and awkward questions. And another thing, I don’t want to be calling British Rail Enquiries to check my train’s progress, only to find that I’ve pressed the wrong button and have purchased the Manchester to London Pendalino. For one thing I’ve got nowhere to put it, for another I just don’t want the responsibility.

I’m sure all of these potential problems will be ironed out by the time we get to use the technology but I implore you to be on your guard when that day arrives. Remember, when you’re phoning for the latest movie screening times you’re only one digit away from buying a Multiplex.

And you’ll never get that home on the bus.

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