get happy…

get happy…

January 25th, 2010 // 1:54 pm @ // No Comments yet

Just been looking at the LOVE blog and decided to nick an idea from them. I’m sure they won’t mind. Apparently today is officially the most miserable day of the year, it’s one of those statistic things. You know, where a group of scientists, who should have better things to do frankly, work pointless and ultimately meaningless things out. Well apparently they’ve worked out that TODAY is THE most miserable day that you’ll have this year. That’s a comfort isn’t it?

Anyway, LOVE decided to recognise the day with a Smiths track called “I know it’s over”. And while I love irony as much as the next man I thought I’d mark it with this. It’s “anywhere” by Dubstar. And it’s quite possibly the cheeriest track ever. So enjoy. You’re going to have a terrible time later. Ask a scientist.

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