malice in wonderland.

malice in wonderland.

February 25th, 2010 // 1:07 pm @ // 2 Comments

Hello there. I was just reading a film blog by the name of utraculture and was so impressed by their review of Tim Burton’s  “Alice in Wonderland”  that I had to share it with you.

” Imagine if Tim Burton directed a movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

I just saved you £10. ”

Now that’s quality writing.

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2 Comments → “malice in wonderland.”

  1. Debbie Young

    10 years ago

    Brilliant! That’s kind of what I was thinking when I saw the trailer on the telly last night but didn’t articulate it so well!

  2. andy

    9 years ago

    Hi Debbie, sorry your comment has only just appeared, it was stuck in spam hinterland for some reason. Have you had a look at Ultraculture? It’s a brilliant movie blog and full of stuff like that.

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