my intentions are good…

my intentions are good…

January 21st, 2010 // 1:29 pm @ // No Comments yet

Bit of a cheat today. The stuff below was written for the mediaburst blog but I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and stick it on here too. Both lazy and environmentally friendly. Good eh?

Well the new mediaburst site is up and active and very good it looks too. It’s a radical departure from what went before and, as a part of the team that created it, I feel a certain swelling of pride to see how it stands up against the competition out there. However, as a copywriter too, here’s where it gets tricky. The site went through a great many changes to arrive at the finished product. There’s a lot to consider. Does it all work? Will people take the time to read it? Will they click in the right places? Will they go from homepage to sign up in a few fluid moves?

Inevitably compromises are made and inevitably copywriters get upset. Well, this one does anyway.

Because, while I love the site, it’s design and it’s execution, I loved the earlier versions more. They had more words you see. Clever words, warm fuzzy words, “come in and get to know us” words and snappy little lines that showed how clever I am.

However, as a professional, ( please stop sniggering at the back ), I’m used to this. I shall gather up all those clever words, dust them down and put them back in my bag for the next job. And when that job goes to press or appears on the screen I’ll gather them up, dust them down and put them back in my bag again. That’s how it is for us poor, misunderstood copywriters.

Oh, by the way, the page you see here is one of the early versions. One with words.

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Steve Byrne, MD, The Gate Films

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