No Cannes do.

No Cannes do.

June 3rd, 2010 // 1:20 pm @ // No Comments yet

Hello there. Look, I’m really, really sorry about this but I haven’t really got a post to go with that header. What happened, right, was this. I was going to write a piece about the fact that I’d really wanted to go to the Cannes Film Festival this year but no amount of begging, borrowing or blagging could get me tickets to anything at all that was going on over there. So I didn’t get to go and consequently didn’t go to a single party or “do”. Then I realised that it would make for a very dull post indeed. However, I really, really liked the headline, ” No Cannes do.”, and didn’t want to waste it.

So there you have it. No post, just a smartarse header. I promise I’ll do a proper post soon, till then, No Cannes do.

Geddit? Eh? Eh? Oh suit yourselves.

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