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Hello there. Just a teeny, tiny post today. You know,  just to enter 2013 gently. No big fanfares, no loud noises. I mean, we’re all feeling a little delicate just now, aren’t we? So, in order to keep us all on an even keel, I’m just going for a little peeve.

It’s this new Compare The Market ad, featuring the currently omnipresent Robert Webb. See if you can spot what annoys a small-minded, obnoxious pedant such as myself.


Yes! It’s that bit where Robert/Maurice, (“Maurice”, crazy name, crazy guy!), says ‘They’re different words.  You see they contain different letters…”  WELL THEY BLOODY DON’T CONTAIN DIFFERENT LETTERS, DO THEY? ‘MEERKAT’ AND ‘MARKET’ CONTAIN EXACTLY THE SAME LETTERS! COULDN’T YOU MAKE JUST A TINY BIT MORE EFFORT WITH THE WRITING? COULDN’T YOU? COULDN’T YOU?


I feel better now.

Thank you.

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