Photographs. Handled with care.

Photographs. Handled with care.

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Hello there. It occurred to me recently that I spend a lot of time on this blog criticising bad ads and not much praising good ones. The, very good, reason for this is that I haven’t seen many really good ads lately. That’s why I thought I should give due praise to this, the latest Sony Cyber-shot ad.

The first thing I saw in this ad, apart from the beautiful location of course, is the care taken over the casting. Every single person looks somehow ‘right’. It’s not an easy thing to put your finger on but it works in just the same way as when you look at, say, a Cash My Gold or Envirofone or DFS commercial and every  single person looks somehow  ‘wrong‘.  ( I know that’s a little unfair considering the relative budgets but you get my point. )  So, the location’s great, the casting’s great, the music’s great and the whole thing makes me feel good about the Sony Cyber-shot, makes me want one. Which is what we’re all here for really.

I know there’s not much copy involved but I’m absolutely convinced that it all came from the mind of a copywriter.

Why? Because it’s smart, considered and beautiful. Just like a copywriter.

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Steve Byrne, MD, The Gate Films

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