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Hello there, as you know, I’ve decided that Saturday and Sunday aren’t really proper blogging days. However as it’s Valentine’s day, I thought I’d just put up some stuff to have a bit of a play with in case you’re not going out spending this special day with a loved one. You know, having a romantic meal, walking hand in hand in the park, playing “pooh sticks” by a beautiful stream or kissing on a windswept beach. Not everyone does that you know. Oh no. *sniff*

Here’s something that’s a bit of a laugh. I actually first nicked it from LOVE’s blog but it’s been a bit tricked up since then with backing beats and stuff. It’s a daft punk console and if you enjoy playing with it for more than 5 minutes, you really don’t deserve a loved one.

Just click HERE

If you feel like expressing your political views, lack of political views or just fancy writing something silly that David Cameron, or better still Malcolm Tucker,  might well be saying, this is fun too…

Click HERE to do stuff.

I may well add more stuff to do as the day progresses. Seeing as I won’t be doing any kissing on windswept beaches. *sniff*

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