Poetry emotion.

Poetry emotion.

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Hello there. Now I think I’ve mentioned before my deep hatred of crap poetry in advertising. In fact, I know I have. I mentioned it fairly firmly in a post called poet, lorry, hate.” a while back. However, it seems that regardless of everything I’ve said, some copywriters are still intent on churning it out. This latest abomination from McDonalds is a case in point. Directly after is a response from the respected poet E.J.Thribb ( 17½ ).  I couldn’t have put it better myself.

And those who watched their big TVs

and swore through tightly gritted teeth

and tore their hair in deep despair

and threw themselves behind a chair

Were just pissed off

And watching on those same TVs

they cried out “Shove your Maccy Ds

your Flurrys and your poetry

where no sun shines and piss off please!”

We’re just pissed off.

E.J.Thribb 17½

Good God. I’ve just watched the ad again and am now forced to add another point. In the bit where our poet says “Financial clerk” , he pronounces it “clurk” to rhyme with “work”.

Well I’m terribly sorry but we pronounce that word “clark”. Why? Because we’re not bloody Americans, that’s why.

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