saatchis isn’t working.

saatchis isn’t working.

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Hello there. Isn’t it exciting about the great big election coming up eh? It isn’t? No, I suppose it isn’t really is it? However, one great thing about an election is it brings all the big boys out to play. By that I of course mean the big Ad agencies. This time round Saatchi and Saatchi have thrown their considerable weight, ( it’s all those long lunches ), behind the Labour party. Well, they’ve done the Conservatives, it’s time to move on. Their latest push is this fabulous poster.

Yes, that’s the idea. Dress Cameron as Gene Hunt and say, “Don’t let him take us back to the 1980s”.  Now maybe I’m missing the point here but isn’t Gene Hunt like really. really popular? And don’t loads and loads of people really, really like “Ashes to Ashes“?

Maybe it’s just me but I can already see a queue forming of people saying ” Actually, all that 1980’s stuff looks brilliant on the telly. There’s loads of boozing and smoking and Human League and discos and fringes and dancing and everything and Gene Hunt is a top, top bloke and he’s dead hard. Can he take us back to the 1980s with him? Can he? Please, please, please, can he, can he?”

Nice one Saatchis. Fire up the Quattro.

( Oh, it’s just been pointed out to me that this post may show political bias. May I just say that, as a freelance copywriter, I have no affiliation to any party. I’m just against crap ideas. Thank you. )

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