She’s a woman.

She’s a woman.

April 29th, 2010 // 2:00 pm @ // One Comment

Hello there. I’ve just been watching that new John Lewis tv ad again and you know, I’m still not entirely convinced.!v=jYOsWWKHZVw

I mean, it’s beautifully done and everything. Terrific casting, great photography, ( is it still called photography when it’s a film? I’m pretty sure it is but I’m open to advice and mockery of course ),  state of the art effects,  fabulous attention to detail, the full package really. I’m just not sure about that Billy Joel song though.  She “kills with her smile” and “wounds with her eyes” does she? Charming.  She’ll  also, apparently, “ruin your faith with her casual lies”, “steal like a thief” and be “suddenly cruel”. Jesus, I bet she’d punch your mum right in face too, she sounds a proper bitch.

Of course all these “casual lies” add a whole new dimension to the ad. Sure, there’s a lovely wedding and all that but can the hapless groom really be sure that the child that subsequently comes into the world is really his? She’s been casually lying all over the place for god’s sake! No amount of John Lewis soft furnishings can paper over the cracks of that kind of betrayal.

I’d be having a look in that fridge too, if I was him.

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One Comment → “She’s a woman.”

  1. Keeerrrrazy Caz

    12 years ago

    That advert reminds me of the toothpaste advert. The one with the boy growing up – complete with a set of gnashers.

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