too tight to mention.

too tight to mention.

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I’ve spent this afternoon worrying. Worrying about what we’re going to do when all the unwanted, broken and surplus gold jewellery runs out. It’s worth thinking about isn’t it? I mean, if you watch the TV, listen to the radio or flip through the quality magazines,  (  Take a Break, Heat, Closer, OK ), the current economy is more or less based on sovereign rings, clown necklaces and broken bracelets.

What happens when there’s just no more gold to weigh in and melt down? Well stop worrying people, I’ve hit on an idea and I reckon it’s just what this country needs to get into the black and out of the red. ( please remember though, there’s nothing in this game for two in a bed. )

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What do you reckon? I think this could be big.

(  Big thanks to Tim Sinclair for his help in making Cash My Spleen what it is today )

Oh, and as a little update. I did a version of it with that xtranormal thing.

Just like Dale Winton isn’t it?  Only more life-like.

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