Know your tweets.

Know your tweets.

August 21st, 2010 // 11:32 am @ // No Comments yet

A new glossary of Twitter terms…

1.Twourettes: An inexplicable compulsion to tweet ones every single bloody thought, every bloody minute of every bloody day

2. Twinge: To complain pointlessly and endlessly via Twitter

3. Twinkle: Tweet regarding cockernee seafood snack

4. Twerp: Effect of many Twinkles

5. Twitch: Tweet regarding sorceress

6. Tw@: Highly irritating, self important Twitterer

7. Twaddle: Tweet from perambulatory duck

8. Tweedle: To gain information via manipulation of unwitting Twitterer

9. Twig: Tweet regarding full hairpiece

10. Twiglet: Tweet regarding very small hairpiece

11. Twang: Tweet regarding male member

12. Tweed: Weak, ineffectual Twitterer

13. Tweezer: Twitter equivalent of telephonic heavy breather

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