cold feat.

cold feat.

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Hello there. Yes, I’m blogging through regardless of my raging flu because that’s the kind of guy I am. Dedicated. Relentless. And a bit bored. This flu has actually given me something to think about too. I’ve been scouring the TV ads to find the flu remedy that’s right for me. There’s loads of them you know but they all seem to be a bit “niche”, if you know what I mean.

I thought I’d give Beechams a shot as that’s  a good old name isn’t it? Sadly I just don’t seem right for them. I’m not a night time DJ preparing for a big show,( and frankly, if I was and a cold and flu capsule started straightening my tie with his little robot arms I’d be inclined to question what I was taking ), I’m unlikely to be doing any sumo wrestling and, since the unfortunate incident at that Sealed-knot society coffee morning, I’m not down for any re-enactments of historic battles. So where to turn? The other brands don’t seem to have what I’m looking for either, I mean, I am a bit chesty but there’s no way I could compare my situation with the trauma of being leapt upon by a bright green mexican dwarf wrestler who’s taken up residence on top of my wardrobe, ( or is that mexican wrestling dwarf?, I’ve always had problems with etiquette in that area ).

No, what I seek seems to be sadly overlooked by the pharmacy companies and advertising agencies. What’s out there for the slightly overweight, middle aged Manchester copywriter sitting in grubby pyjama bottoms and T shirt who has no desire to do anything more strenuous than to get a bit of work done and walk from desk to kettle without blowing his nose three times on the way? Nothing, that’s what.

What I really need is an ad that says something along the lines of, ” If you’ve got a really bad cold and/or flu, this will make you feel miles better for a bit. ”  So I think I’ll try putting something together while I convalesce.

I realise the line needs a bit of work but I’d buy it.

The great smell of…

While I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and just surfing the net I found this. And I think it’s rather good. Humour in men’s smelly stuff seems to be limited to the Lynx, ” isn’t it funny that this slightly weedy bloke is irresistible to beautiful women due to Lynx?” principle lately. This has a whiff of something special about it.

Good, innit?

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